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Masters Level Sprinter Resolves Hip Pain from Running

Hip pain from running caused Allen Woodard to lose his ability to run and put the brakes on a goal to win an Olympic medal in sprinting.


Twenty years ago Allen was well on track to be chosen to join the Olympic team until constant pain in his hip ultimately made him give up running completely.  Allen was devastated!  He ultimately got to a point where he couldn’t even watch running on TV because of the pain of his lost opportunity.

But all that changed because of one simple self-treatment he learned when we met!  No more hip pain from running!

Allen’s Journey:  from an Olympic potential then years of suffering with hip pain from running to now a Masters Level Sprinter.

I first met Allen Woodard around 2011 at Athletic Lab in Cary, North Carolina.  Athletic Lab is more than a gym; it’s a training facility for athletes of all levels who are determined to be the best in their sport.

Twenty years after hip pain from running forced Allen to give up the sport he loved, he made the decision that he was going to run “no matter how much it hurt physically”.  The mental pain of not running was worse than the hip pain, so he made the choice to fly from his home in Houston, Texas to North Carolina to work with Mike Young, PhD.

I had been out of town so I did not get to meet Allen while he was training at Athletic Lab, but serendipitously we met just as he was leaving to return to Texas.  I saw him limping around and couldn’t resist finding out what his problem was.  Allen shared his story of years of hip pain from running and when I told him the hip pain was easy to fix he could hardly believe me!

I showed him the simple self-treatment with a Trigger Point Treatment Ball (different from normal balls since it’s solid in the middle).  As he lied on his side treating his piriformis muscle he found the cause of years of hip pain.  As soon as he stood up he felt relief.  He told me, “if only I’d met you 20 years ago”.  He was shocked that this simple treatment worked and he was beyond thrilled!  No more hip pain from running but if he did experience pain in the future he knew how to treat the muscle that causes the pain.

We said goodbye and that was that.  I figured I would never hear from him again since we had only met for a few minutes but that wasn’t to be the case.  Several months later I got an email from Allen, since we met he had been able to completely eliminate his hip pain and was back to competing again.  I was so happy for him.

That amazing comeback has continued and Allen is now #1 in the world for 200 & 400 meter sprints and he’s only just begun.  He is now competing in the Masters for his age group and is #1 in the world for 100 and 200 meter sprints.  You’ll love watching him win his 2013 USATF Masters 400M finals.

Do FFT after you workout and promote healing while you rest so you can start your day with a clean slate!

If you are suffering from hip pain from running, low back pain, knee pain or if plantar fasciitis is causing so much pain in your feet that hurts to walk, the odds are high that the professionals are passing over the source of your pain!  YOUR MUSCLES! 

Pain in any joint of the body (from the top of your neck to the bottom of your feet) is rarely coming from a problem in the joint itself, but it IS frequently coming from the MUSCLE that inserts into the joint.

You may not be heading for the Olympics but pain can definitely take you out of the race.  Fortunately, most of the time it is simple to treat the source of the pain…you just need to know where to look and what to do.

Allen is definitely back on track and you can be too!  And if you haven’t been side-lined by pain, that’s great,  Focused Flexibility Training can keep you flexible and pain-free so you can compete at your ultimate performance level!

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