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You CAN Help Yourself! Products That Work!

Julie has created many different products that show you how to release muscle spasms that cause joint pain and limit range-of-motion.

Since the Flexible Athlete website does not have a Store, you can read about the products here, but the links will bring you to Julie’s extensive website that answers many of your questions and has a secure shopping cart.

You will also find many other products that will help you help yourself to Pain-Free Living!

Click on the links below to take you to the payment page for that product.

If you don’t live in the Sarasota, FL area and you want to work directly with Julie, consider having one, or more, Skype Consultations. Skype is the next-best-thing to being at Julie’s office. The Skype consultation comes with Julie’s eBook, Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living so you have the tools you’ll need to work directly with Julie. First you send Julie an email explaining your problem, how you think it began, and what you have done to try to resolve it. Julie will write back and suggest the Julstro self-treatments that will help you.


After doing the self-treatments for 1-2 weeks, you then meet with Julie via Skype. In this 30 minute session, Julie will offer, and demonstrate, self-treatments that are specifically designed for your situation. It WORKS! You have nothing to lose but your pain!

Julie is not a medical doctor, so she isn’t offering medical advice or any information about medications, she is simply looking at the muscular component of pain. The good news is that very often, this is the source of the pain and it has been overlooked by professionals who are searching for answers.

Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living is Julie’s comprehensive book that explains WHY muscles cause pain and has clear, 4-color charts to show you WHERE the spasms are located and where you actually feel the pain — which are frequently a distance from each other!

Filled with over 150 photographs demonstrating how to do each treatment, this simple-to-follow book will show you how you can easily find the source of pain, and then eliminate it quickly!

The 15 Minute Back Pain Solution is a step-by-step program that Julie has been teaching at her office, and to people worldwide via forums, Skype, and email consultations for over 20 years!  She finally put it in an eBook format to help people discover the SOURCE of low back pain (it’s not in your back!). Julie shows you how to follow the steps to release the tension in the muscles that are putting a strain on your low back, and are also causing:

  • hip pain

  • sciatica

  • groin pain

  • knee pain

  • and more

Do you love to run?  Discover how to eliminate the pain that can stop you in your tracks!

The Pain-Free Runner was written with you in mind!  Julie has worked with passionate runners for over 25 years. She has taught people from beginner runners to World Class Record Holding sprinters how to treat the spasms that can can knock you out of the race.  Learn how to:

  • Stop a cramp quickly, without damaging your muscle fibers

  • Eliminate plantar fasciitis without expensive orthotics

  • Release Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and knee pain

  • Use colorful Trigger Point Charts that pinpoint the source of pain, and show you where you feel the pain.

Golf is supposed to be fun!  Don’t let aches and pain prevent you from playing your best game.  Photographed on beautiful golf courses, you’ll see how you can release pains while you’re on the golf course. Don’t lose a minute to pain — and discover how stopping pain will increase your flexibility and lower your score!

The Secret to Your Best Golf Game EVER will resolve the pains that have knocked even the best professionals out of the game!

Do Your Hands or Wrists Hurt?

Are You Afraid You Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The Julstro System was developed when Julie was told she had carpal tunnel syndrome and needed surgery.  She explored the muscles that impact the nerves to the hand/wrist and came up with the solution that prevented her surgery and gave her back the full use of her hands!

The Julstro System has worked for thousands of people worldwide.  


Everything you need to release the muscles in your entire body is in the Complete Pain Relief package.  If you’re in pain it is worth your time and energy to learn how to self-treat each muscle involved.

Join Julie during an actual Pain-Free Athlete class she taught to a small group of endurance athletes.  This series of Julstro Self-Treatment DVDs breaks the body down into Upper Body, Low Back, and Lower Body for those who prefer to focus on just one area of the body. 


Sold on Julie’s extensive website either individually or in any combination you like, you’ll feel like you have Julie in your living room teaching you exactly what to do to stop pain FAST!

Have you ever stretched and then hurt worse than you did before?

Focused Flexibility Training is Julie’s  safe-stretching program:

  • 1 Foundation that teaches all the Julstro Self-Treatments taught in Julie’s book, Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living.

  • 1  Upper Body Stretching Program that has 15 minutes of self-treatment on the muscles you will be stretching, and 30 minutes of guided yoga stretching for the muscles you just released.

  • 1 Lower Body Stretching Program that has 15 minutes of self-treatment on the muscles you will be stretching, and 30 minutes of guided yoga stretching for the muscles you just released.

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