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It’s Time to Add Flexibility to Your Triathlon Training Program

We’re on a mission to share how incorporating flexibility into your triathlon training program increases your performance. 


You inspire me and it was while working with Ironman Triathletes that I wrote my first self-treatment book, The Pain-Free Triathlete … an updated version will soon be available on this site for purchase.  

Speaking of inspiration, have you heard the story about Scott Rigsby? 

Scott became a double-amputee at the age of 18.  Incredibly, he still went into a triathlon training program and ultimately became an Ironman Triathlete.  Scott raced in Kona to the cheers of hundreds of bystanders along the entire route.

We celebrate Scott Rigsby as a role model for anyone who makes the decision to do more with their life even when faced with what seems like overwhelming odds.

We love working with endurance athletes — you are an incredibly determined group of athletes, always open to improving your training program.

Learning how to release muscle spasms so you can perform at your ultimate ability level is the next step you need to take!

To build your body to the level of strength and endurance necessary to complete a triathlon your training program includes being at the gym or on the road for hours at a time.

This level of exercise causes muscle spasms (aka muscle knots or trigger points) that cause repetitive strain injuries.  These spasms shorten muscle fibers causing stiffness in your joints which can the lead to pain that could keep you out of the race.

Stretching is the most common way to increase joint flexibility.  However, if the muscle fibers are in knots because of the repetitive strain placed on them from strenuous exercise stretching will only cause the knots to get tighter, and will overstretch or possibly tear the fibers on either side of the knot.

The missing piece to your training program is untying the spasms that form while you are exercising…..this is what FFT accomplishes.  (FFT = Focused Flexibility Training)  This system demonstrates how to release all the spasms that are caused by repetitive strain injuries and then safely stretch your muscles without injuring any of the muscle fibers.

It’s time to add flexibility to your training program, whether you gather the FFT method from our blog articles, buy our system or see me in person I guarantee you will find it incredibly helpful!

By the way, I will be at Ironman Florida at the end of October.  I’d love to meet you if you are planning on being there too.

Email me at Julie [at] julstro [dot] com and we will make plans to meet.

If I can help you overcome any muscle spasms that could hinder your ability to perform at your best, I’d love to work with you! 


Meanwhile, we’re following Scott Rigsby and cheering him on to an amazing Ironman career!

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