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What is a Muscle Knot Anyway?

I had no idea what a muscle knot really was and how to release it before I was introduced to Julie Donnelly one of the founders of TriggerPoint Yoga & Focused Flexibility Training for Athletes.

So what is a muscle knot?

The simple answer is it’s an area of muscle fibers causing soreness and a tight muscle.

And what causes them?

Muscle knots are caused by a build up of hydrogen ions in lactic acid that builds up in muscle from repetitive movements.  The body is capable of releasing lactic acid but often times not as fast as it is created. 

Almost any movement repeated over and over can cause the muscle to form knots.  Someone who looks down at a computer screen all day could have knots in their neck and upper back, a typist could have muscle knots in their forearms, neck and back, a carpenter who is constantly using his arm and shoulder all day could experience muscle knots. 

I think you get the picture.  If you are human, you most likely will experience muscle knots at various times in your life.

How can they be released?

Deep muscle pressure can release muscle knots and this is exactly what we’ve incorporated with the TriggerPoint Yoga system.  We teach you how to release your muscle knots with the aid of a ball and bamboo stick. 

I’ve found this method fun and effective.  The DVDs are an excellent guide to effective stretching with the releasing of muscle knots.

I hope this gives a little more clarity on what muscle knots are and how they are keeping you from your deepest stretch and limiting your range of motion.

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