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Stop Pain from Sports Injuries FAST!

You love your sport and you’ve repeatedly asked how to stop pain from sports injuries FAST! 

In answer, we’d like to welcome you to The Flexible Athlete.

This blog is dedicated to helping you Stop Pain FAST!   Each issue of The Flexible Athlete blog gives you solutions to common aches and pains that you experience as you exercise and race.

It is our goal to help you achieve your ultimate performance level.

Since 1989, I (Julie) have worked with thousands of people who have suffered from chronic pain and sports injuries.  In fact, the whole reason I teach people how to self-treat (release muscle knots) is because I had several severe sports injuries.  I have also suffered with the common aches and pains that come from repetitive strain injuries caused by just day-to-day living.

Each time I hurt myself I knew what I would do if you came to me with these injuries, but I couldn’t find anyone to treat me the way I knew the muscles needed to be treated.  Out of frustration and pain I started to figure it out on myself.  Well, if I could treat myself, then I can show you how to treat yourself.

I especially love to work with endurance athletes of any sport because I find that you are absolutely determined to enjoy your sport regardless of what it takes to keep you healthy.  As I worked with the athletes I realized that showing them how to self-treat would help them to not only keep their muscles released after coming in for a therapy session, but that they could help themselves during a race or a heavy training session.  Self-treatment makes a world of difference for you because you can stop pain as soon as it starts to become a problem.

Taking a minute to release a spasm (aka muscle knot or trigger point) in your muscle means that you can maintain your ultimate performance level for longer periods of time instead of being forced to slow down because of pain.

JoAnne is a wonderful yoga teacher and her passion is for stretching tight muscles.  We joined together to bring you the benefits of first releasing the spasms that cause your muscles to shorten and put pressure on the point where the tendons insert into the bone and to then safely stretch without injuring your muscles.  It works great!

As triathletes (or any other type of athlete) you are repetitively straining your muscles on a regular basis.  Overuse syndrome is painful and if it isn’t properly treated – which doesn’t mean strictly using anti-inflammatory meds and stretching fibers that are tied up in knots – you could tear the muscle fibers away from the tendon or the bone.

Most of the posts on the Flexible Athlete blog are answers to questions that Julie has received over the years and questions that you ask in the comments section of the blog.  We are even starting a forum…keep a look out; it’s coming soon!

We’re dedicated to helping you figure out which muscles to treat to get relief from repetitive strain injuries that cause chronic pain, sports injuries, or sudden acute pain that can stop you short.

In many of the blog posts I will show you how to either find or self-treat the painful muscles.

For example, this self-treatment is for low back pain.

And we’ll spend time talking about stretches, such as the one below which is for your psoas and quads – a huge problem for cyclists!

This stretch helps low back pain, hip pain, knee pain and sciatica!

We’ll spend a LOT of time discussing this series of problems.

You can also get the full spectrum of self-treatments and safe stretches by ordering Focused Flexibility Training.  In one of the three DVDs I teach how to perform every self-treatment taught in my book Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living.  And Ana Johnson leads you through a Focused Flexibility Training stretching sessions for either the upper body or lower body.

It is our intention to be your source of information on how to eliminate pain so you can get back on the road quickly and without pain!

We look forward to working with you and getting to know you.  One of our goals is to help you stop pain from sports injuries fast!

Please feel free to comment on this subject via my inquiry form - click here

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