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Repetitive Strain Injury Can Be Easily Prevented

What is a Repetitive Strain Injury:


A repetitive strain injury comes from a muscle that has been doing the same repetitive movement over and over, in the same direction, for an extended period of time.

This repetitive motion can ultimately cause injury to the muscle fibers.

The repetitive movement may be passive; such as driving long distances in a car while your hands are gripped on the wheel for hours, or sitting at your desk for hours.

The repetitive movement may be active as in swimming, cycling or running.

Here’s an analogy that’s helpful in understanding the root of a repetitive strain injury situation:


Imagine a child standing between a deep well filled with water and a large empty rain barrel.  In the child’s hand she holds an eyedropper.  Now imagine this little girl going back and forth from the well to the rain barrel with her eyedropper full of water.  She goes over and over again, many times back and forth.  She spends hours every day emptying her eyedropper of water into the rain barrel.

Forty years later the rain barrel finally overflows.  Woohoo!  The child (who by this time is an adult) says, “I don’t understand.  I have been doing this for years and it has never overflowed before!”

Likewise, people say to me, “I’ve been doing this movement, exercise, etc. for years and it never hurt before.  I must be getting old.”

No, you are not getting old, you just never emptied your “rain barrel” and now it has overflowed!

What’s Going on in Your Muscles:


Muscle action (repetitive movement) creates a by-product chemical called hydrogen ions.  Hydrogen ions are a part of lactic acid which remains in the muscle fibers.  Our body has the ability to flush out this chemical but not always to the level we are producing it.  And so our muscle “overflows”  (to keep with the rain barrel analogy).

This “overflowing” is excessive hydrogen ions which cause our muscles to form small muscle fiber knots, also known as trigger points, which can be very tender to the touch.

How Electricity Has Affected Our Muscles:

It wasn’t that long ago before electricity that people would work hard all day long, rest when the sun went down and go to bed early.  This quiet time would give their body the opportunity to flush out the built up hydrogen ions from the muscles which had accumulated during the day.  This is the body’s method of emptying the rain barrel.

Our bodies mutate very slowly and haven’t caught up to how fast life changes.  As electricity increased the hours in our day, we began to tax our muscles by working out in gyms, staying on the computer until late at night and even doing fun things like dancing until the wee hours.

Our bodies are not able to keep up with the increased hydrogen ion production so we begin piling up muscle fiber knots.  This build up of knots continues day after day and now our muscles feel tighter and tighter.

The Way to Avoid a Repetitive Strain Injury: 


There’s a way to release muscle knots that cause a repetitive strain injury.  Our Foundations DVD in the FFT system shows you how or you can read Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living which details how to release muscle knots.

You do not have to suffer in pain!  We have the solution!

If you haven’t checked out the FFT system yet, we are offering a free sample if you complete the form on the right of this site.

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