Quick Tip to Relieve Shoulder and Elbow Pain


If you are suffering from shoulder and elbow pain take a look at your biceps for relief! Your biceps (long head) originates deep within your shoulder joint, and the short head originates at the very top of your shoulder on a bone called the coracoid process.

The muscle merges together, crosses over the inside bend of your elbow, and inserts just below the bend, on the top of your forearm bone.

When your biceps are in spasm (which easily happens) it pulls on the bones and causes shoulder and/or elbow pain.


To treat shoulder and elbow pain, make a fist and press it into the center of your biceps. Use your opposite hand to help press your fist deeper into the muscle.

Press on the muscle for 30 seconds then to stretch your biceps  s-l-o-w-l-y extend your arm straight.  Release the pressure while you bend your arm again.  Then press in and repeat this treatment 3-4 times.

When you finish your arm will feel great!

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