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Release Tight Hamstrings with this Treatment


Never stretch tight hamstrings before releasing the spasms in the muscle fibers. 

The spasms are tiny muscle fiber knots that have shortened the muscle.  Stretching tight hamstrings could make the knots tighter and overstretch the fibers on either side of the spasm.  This could cause the muscle to tear. 


How To Release Tight Hamstrings:

To release the spasms in your hamstrings simply place a ball on the corner of your desk or on a tall wooden stool (as pictured). 

Press your hamstrings onto the ball while searching for tender spots.  You’ll know exactly when you find them – they may hurt a bit! 

Then, hold the pressure for 30-60 seconds on the tender spot to release the spasm.  Keep doing this until you’ve released all spasms.

When you are ready to stretch the muscle, simple stay on the ball while straightening your leg.

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