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The Many Benefits of Stretching

The benefits of stretching go beyond just the physical.


We all know stretching improves flexibility which increases your joint range of motion.

It can also improve your performance in your sport and decrease your risk of injury when playing.  Increased flexibility allows your joints to move through their full range of motion enabling your muscles to work effectively.

Increased blood flow is also one of the many benefits of stretching.  This is important because blood carries vital nutrients and oxygen to your organs and muscles.

Stretching increases elasticity improving posture and technique in your sport.  And watch out for increased endurance, power and muscle control!

And in your everyday life being flexible is beneficial since it increases your overall physical ability….think about when you are reaching in that cupboard above the refrigerator….flexibility matters then!

More Benefits of Stretching:


Take a moment, raise your hands over head and stretch your body.  Can you feel that ease in your body and mind?  Even 30 seconds of stretching can create a sense of peace in your mind and your body.  When your body relaxes so can your mind.

Taking time to stretch also gives you the opportunity for time to think and have an openness to gain clarity in any particular life situation.  Stretching puts the body in a peaceful state which can lead to better rest.  We all love our beauty sleep!  And holding a stretch teaches us how to focus, concentrate and be in the present moment.

As you stretch your body, all the twisting and turning can assist the body’s organs in complete digestion.  In fact, there are some Yoga postures/stretches that are intended specifically for digestion.

So with all these benefits of stretching, why don’t we all stretch more often?!


Maybe we think it’s too time consuming and we just need every precious moment for the other priorities in our life.  I get it!  Good news though, even a few minutes of stretching is beneficial.

Dropping your head down towards your shoulder is a great stretch when you’re at a traffic light (when it’s red, of course!).  You can roll your shoulders down your back any time you are sitting.

Anytime you come up from sitting you can stretch your arms overhead taking a full body stretch which opens the chest and shoulders.

And upon waking is a good time for a good stretch to wake up the body.

With a little creativity and remembering you can easily add stretching to your life.

If you’re serious about getting limber….


you will want to incorporate the Focused Flexibility Training techniques into your stretching routine.  This system is the only one designed to release tight muscles (muscle fiber knots) which allows the muscle to stretch to its full capacity.

My favorite of all the benefits of stretching….


is that flexibility keeps our joints lubricated which means as you and I grow in years our bodies can stay vital, free and youthful!

Be flexible…in life and in your body!

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