Sports Nutrition

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This Sports Nutrition page is still being completed and will be constantly updated as I receive new information.

Nutrition is a seriously important topic for athletes and non-athletes alike.

I’m grateful that Steve Chaney, PhD, is going to be contributing to this section because his expertise is far beyond mine, and beyond the knowledge of so many others who give nutritional advice, oftentimes inaccurate and possibly even dangerous.

Dr. Chaney has his PhD in Biochemistry and Nutrition. Dr. Chaney has taught Biochemistry and Nutrition to medical and dental students at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill for 30 years until his recent retirement, and he has been on Shaklee’s scientific research team for over 35 years.  His knowledge is broad, and deep.  He is constantly taking medical research and making it clear for us to understand, and he also takes “news” articles that are in popular press and debunking the errors in thought.

I’ve learned so much from Dr. Chaney, and from Shaklee, that I want to share it with my readers. If you are an athlete, you’ll truly benefit from this column and I hope you’ll share it with your fellow-athletes.

Dr. Chaney writes a monthly column called Health Tips From The Professor, and I’ll be adding them here each month for you to enjoy.

While you wait for this page to be properly developed, please visit my Shaklee website that will help you review the nutritional products that have fueled over 35 Olympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners, including the 2014 USA Olympic Gold Winning Women’s Rowing Team!

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